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Christmas is a time full of traditions, and one of those is course the Christmas gift. A well-positioned Christmas gift is a token of appreciation to show the recipient you value your relationship. No one doubts the positive effect gifts have on relationhips, but we still like making an extra effort to just really put a smile on people's faces. The bottom line is this: Chrismas gifts are valuable, worth it, and definitely something you should consider partnering up with Compacon on.

We're supplying companies with both traditional Christmas packages consisting of food and non-food gifts, but our real specialty is functional and trendy gift choices for the modern corporate company that wants to show their employees and partners how much they value their relationship. 

Customized Christmas gift selection

Need a Christmas gift product selection consisting of both food and non-food products? Maybe products that fit together thematically, for example through your corporate values such innovation, vitality or wellness? Our possibilities are endless and we're always ready to create a proposal tailored to your needs.

End-of-year Gifts

We offer an extensive web-solution where your employees can log in using a voucher code on a corporate webshop unique to your company. Here they can order the exact gift they want, based on a selection determined by you. A corporate webshop will always be made using your visual identity. Take the guesswork out of giving good gifts and let your employees choose the exact gift they want.

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