With almost thirty years of experience and local expertise across Europe, we help strengthen your brand. Our team is looking forward to introducing itself to you!

Management & Sales

Michiel Vonk Regional Director Benelux
Michael Bauer Regional Director DACH
Laurent Cazier Regional Director Southern Europe
Klaus Langhoff Regional Director Northern Europe
Robert Jan Verboom Manager Operations & IT
Paul van Boodegom Manager Finance & Supplier
Micha van Beem Manager International Sales & Business Development
Monique Groot Account Director NL
Bert Jan Singor Key Account Manager NL
Marjolein Schoenmaker Key Account Manager NL
Matty Baksteen-van Eyk Key Account Manager NL
Michel Pieters Graafland Key Account Manager NL
Nathalie Niemantsverdriet Key Account Manager NL
Marco Zoutendijk Account Manager NL
Tom Bouw Account Manager NL
André van Heest Project Coordinator NL
Astrid Kamphuis-Huisman Project Coordinator NL
Caroline Willems Project Coordinator NL
Daniëlle Cabaret Project Coordinator NL
Ivy Raaijmakers Project Coordinator NL
Sabine Kuijl Project Coordinator NL
Steffany van Vliet Project Coordinator NL
Shadee Steen Project Coordinator NL
Dominique Postma Project Coordinator NL
Jacob Thidemann Account Manager Nordics
Nikolaj Rasmus Jørgensen Account Manager Nordics
Tobias Hart Project Coordinator Nordics
Stefanie Helden Account Director DACH
Marcel Nowak Account Manager DACH
Jan Nagrotzki Project Coordinator DACH
Marina Eickhaus Inside Account Manager Compacon DACH
Benjamin Zerbib Account Manager FR
Judith Meyer Account Manager FR
Julien Roaux Account Manager FR
Clèmentine Moison Project Coordinator FR
Jessica Mayslin Project Coordinator FR
Lucas Herbener Project Coordinator FR
Iris Bogaerts Accountmanager BE
Naomi Versteijlen Project Coordinator BE

Anja Sijben Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager
Francesca Swen Sourcing & Buying Manager

Nathalie Berkhout Graphic Design Manager
Julia Pols Graphic Designer
Marit van Ballegooijen Graphic Designer
Nienke Los Graphic Designer
Kimberley van der Jagt Graphic Designer
Kym de Jong Graphic Designer
Thomas Boyer Graphic Designer
Jennifer Bormann Marketeer DACH
Rebecca Rasmussen Marketeer Nordics
Pauline Corbeil Marketeer FR

Dennis Smakman Traffic Employee
Nelleke Fijnekam Traffic
Leandro 't Jong Traffic employee
Linda Hassani Traffic Employee
Nathalie Wong Traffic employee

Machiel de Blois Project Coordinator Webshop

Barbara Vonk - Mulder Financial Employee