Randstad has played an active role in the labor market for over 55 years. They help people find a job and shape their careers. Randstad employs many flex workers and to thank them, they all received a Randstad speaker as a year-end gift.

Randstad - Speaker 1
  • Randstad - Speaker 2
  • Randstad - Speaker 3
  • Randstad - Speaker 4
  • Randstad - Speaker 5


The speaker is designed and produced entirely in the colors of Randstad, comes in beautiful packaging, and has a nice addition and Spotify barcode on the packaging. The barcode is linked to a Spotify Playlist compiled by Randstad. The choice for this end-of-year gift was made because it is a fun and useful item and also has a high attention value. Compacon was responsible for the entire production and distribution of the speakers.

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