Center Parcs gives its most loyal guests a nice welcome gift as an appreciation for a new booking. The gift these guests will receive is a hammam towel made from recycled material, which is produced in a sustainable way. It is sustainable because considerably less water is used during production, which means a huge saving compared to a regular cotton towel. The use of a sustainable material and production process is in line with the core values of the Center Parcs organization.

Centerparcs - Hammam Towel 1
  • Centerparcs - Hammam Towel 2
  • Centerparcs - Hammam Towel 3
  • Centerparcs - Hammam Towel 4


The hammam towels are made in three different colors and feature a kraft paper banderole with Center Parcs branding. Compacon initiated, produced, and distributed the use of this gift to all Center Parcs locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France. The hammam towels are very popular and well-received by the customers.

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